About Us

Lubetech: making a difference IS OUR PASSION. Nationwide OUR dedicated professionals, experienceD in all areas of spill control, focus on delivering your expectations as a customer.

Rainbow Blobs SMALL VERSION- OptionSince 1996, we've specialised in development & distribution of a variety of market-leading absorbents and spill control products, helping industry protect their business, health & safety requirements and the environment from contamination by fluid spills. We are recognised as World Leaders in Spill Control and our brand is globally renowned. We are a critical resource for more than 28,000 companies in 78 countries across 5 continents.

Today right across the world, environmental awareness is mainstream. For many people and businesses the choice of a product or service is affected by the green credentials of the supplier. Health & Safety compliance needs no introduction!

Lubetech are an integral part of this change. We remain a team which aims to lead and be profitable, but we are roud to be leaders among the growing movement of professionals committed  to protection of the environment for future generations - and the health and welfare of this.

Our products are simple to use, but where more know-how is required for ISO14001 accreditation or you plan to implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) you will find a Lubetech Skill Centre spill response training course beneficial: Basic, Intermediate or Advanced, courses are site-specific with a clear message designed to help individual clients reduce the risk of adversely affecting the environment or falling foul of H&S legislation. For further detail about our courses, check out The Skills Centre link above, call our customer support team on 02380 274123 or speak to your local Lubetech Distributor. They're everywhere!

Lubetech - World leading Innovators in spill control technology