How to become a Partner


Lubetech has an established network of distributors. We operate in many different markets across many different industries, from PPE and Industrial supplies, to Laboratory equipment, Oilfield supply houses, education and training establishments and emergency service providers. We are loyal to our distribution, and will not compromise their market position. However, our business ethos is to work closely with people to access and serve an ever-increasing spectrum of markets. If you feel you serve a niche market or wish to re-sell our products, get in touch with us and we'll ask your regional absorbent specialist to get in touch.

contact us...

Contact us today if you wish to become a distribution partner: Call, send us an email or fill out the form on the contact us page

we'll pay you a visit...

Lubetech has a nationwide team of absorbent specialists. Your regional contact will arrange a visit. We'll get everything tied up and put a plan in place to move forward. 

we'll arrange terms...

If there's anything specific you require, or anything you need to make your experience easier, we'll do our best to provide it. 

we form a partnership

Becoming a distributor for Lubetech is so much more than a typical 'manufacturer- distributor' agreement. We provide support in every area. From using our expertise with your end users, to being kept up-to-date with new innovations and offers. to updates from our extensive government and authority contacts. You can expect high quality literature, both for your own use and to give out. You can rely on the supply of images and technical data for web use, and together we'll specify product ranges for your particular market, as well as providing access to our complete product range. We work with you to grow your business, helping us both move forward, while protecting the customer.

Please note: Lubetech cannot sell direct to an end user, and can only form trade partnerships with resellers.