Our Mission


Our Mission is to maintain our position as the Gloablly-recognised innovator within Spill Control systems & equipment, through the provision of products that save you time, money and make your life easier. Our four principal areas are;


The R&D team at Lubetech constantly strive to improve the products. Experience shows this is achieved through: Applying technology to improve product efficiency; maximising performance output of each product in absorbency, strength, versatility; and simplified ease of use. Recent product launches employ technology not been seen before in the market, and we continue to reinvest into everything we sell to make your life easier and safer, not just protect the environment. 


Continuous improvement of products and processes brings a risk of increasing our carbon footprint, both in our manufacturing areas and logistical support. As a consequence, we push for improvements in sustainability of our products and supply chain. We have substantial investment in achieving a product that is sustainably sourced, while performing in a 'traditional' manner. As a company we strive every day to reduce carbon emissions and our carbon footprint.


Innovation. It's what we're all about. Our corporate culture is open to thinking outside the box with new ideas to help you, new products and new ways to do things, making it easier to work with our products, and with us. Look to our unique Spill Points reward system to encourage our distributors to talk to you about your needs! Our object is to make it easier for you to protect the environment and your business, and this reflects in everything we do. Each product has countless hours of effort invested by our R&D team, paying attention to tiniest details, ensuring our products are the most versatile, strongest and most efficiently designed currently available. 


Lubetech are committed to providing a World Class level of technical support and backup for all customers expected of a World Leader. Unlike many others we recognise that our customer base is Lubetech's greatest asset. We want your experience with Lubetech to be enjoyable as well as beneficial; so we strive to achieve the best level of customer support. If you have a suggestion, question or any sort of query or enquiry, contact us today, and we'll do our very best to help.


Everything we do - whether it be incorporating new technology, looking at ways to help you become safer, greener and more efficient, developing new ideas, or striving to give you and your vendor unbeatable levels of support - is centred around you, the customer, providing you the best possible experience with Lubetech.

Lubetech - World Leading Innovators in Spill Control Technology