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Expect Excellence in continuous innovation EVOLVING new and sustainable spill control products

Innovation: It's what we're all about. Lubetech culture is open to thinking outside the box, with new ideas, discovering fresh solutions to old problems and finding new ways to help you. By making it easy for you to work with us, we are making it easier for you to protect your business and the environment, a policy that reflects in everything we do.

Take `Spill Depot`: It's a versatile storage solution, solving the problem of having right product in the right place at the right time. Or our unique `Gold` range, reducing the amount of product you use through technically-efficient fluid-management technology; Or we've talked about our `Natural` products, reducing your corporate and personal carbon footprint without compromise on performance or cost, assembled from sustainable materials.

Our Spill Points loyalty reward system encourages our Distributors to make sure spill control is on your agenda - as it should be to protect the environment. As it must be to satisfy the requirements of law and business efficiency. In todays regulated and litigious markets, if you think spill control costs, try not having it.. 

Lubetechs' strong goal is: Lead through Innovation. A promise we fulfil. We're constantly coming up with new ideas to help you, but if you have any ideas which you think will aid us in our quest to make your life easier, protect the environment and improve compliance at the same time, email us at:

World leaders in spill control innovation.