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Expect Excellence: ONGOING drive for greater sustainability in our products - and OUR supply chain.

At Lubetech we strive to supply you with the very best spill control & environmental protection products available. With this comes a responsibility to help protect the wider environment. We embrace this challenge, maximising sustainabilityacross the globe as you excpect from a world leader. Wherever our raw materials are sourced, wherever our products are manufactured we pursue sustainabilty in our supply line. Developing products from renewable or recycled resources, we constantly look at new ways to improve our environmental processes and reduce our own carbon footprint. We carry this responsibility across the whole of our business, even to transport & shipping of goods. Our close partnership with a global distribution company is founded on their preferrred use of biodiesel.  

We're driving for greater sustainability, and the team at Lubetech is always on the lookout for innovative new ways to further reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint, so if you have any suggestions or comments be sure to email us with them at:

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