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Expect Excellence in our use of technology to deliver safer, BETTER products for environmental protection

At Lubetech we know things are not always easy and that `safe' things are not always so. It's why we use technology to maximise performance of the products you use, improving their performance to make your life easier and your business genuinely safer. Our R&D team works hard ensuring the technology to back this up is in place. We use it everywhere: Technology in the fibres that make up your absorbent pads, keeping each fibre longer and stronger: Technology in your absorbent socks, retaining all the fluid: Technology in your spill pallets, making them last longer and carry more: Technology in your spill response kits, making them lighter and more absorbent... The list goes on.

Take for example the Natural range of products. They absorb as much as polypropylene equivalents; they're lightweight; they're the strongest of their kind in the world and yet they're sustainably sourced. You shouldn't have to compromise to operate environment-friendly in business! And that's just one example. Take a look through our site, look to the technology employed, and see for yourself why Lubetech truly are the world leaders.

Lubetech. Innovators in spill control technology.